British Esports Championships

5v5 League of Legends

Tournament Format

Weeks 1-6

Swiss format

For the first six weeks of the tournament, we will be running a Swiss format. In Swiss, everyone plays all rounds and teams are then ranked on the number of wins. Teams with the same win record against each other in each round are matched against each other. E.g. teams with 2 wins play against other teams with 2 wins. Each match will be a best of 1.

Teams tied on number of wins at the end of Swiss will be ordered by OMWP (Opponent Match Win Percentage).

Weeks 7 & 8


After the Swiss stage finishes, the top 8 teams will progress to Playoffs. Playoffs will be double-elimination.

Quarterfinals and semifinals will take place in week 7 (best of 1). Finals will take place in week 8 (best of 3).

Setting up lobbies

  • Click ‘Play’
  • “Create custom”
  • Summoner’s Rift
  • Game type: tournament draft
  • Allow spectators: lobby only
  • Team size: 5
  • Give it a memorable name e.g. Sunderland vs Carmel
  • Choose a password
  • Share the name and password of the custom lobby with your opponents and you’re good to go!