British Esports Championships

AoC Sport NBA 2K (XB)


The AoC Sport NBA 2k20 College Lockdown Championships will run in partnership with the British Esports Association for teams of three on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to compete nationally every week from June.

Players from member colleges and academies with basketball teams will have the opportunity to play against each other online during the lockdown period.

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by 2k Games or its licensors.

  • Registrations close at 6pm on Friday 5th June 2020.
  • Colleges can enter teams of 3 players for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 tournament (Xbox/PS). You can enter both tournaments, or just one.
  • Team rosters must be full by the end of the registration period (5th June at 6pm) in order to be entered into fixtures.
  • Registrations are open to AoC sport colleges and academies with basketball teams.
  • Students must have a valid Gamertag or PSN ID to take part.
  • Students must be free to play their matches at 3-4pm.

Read our tournament guide.

Tournament Structure

Tournament format tbc.

Colleges will face each other in a series of 1v1 matches each week where each player will play all 3 opponent players, i.e.

Week 1 Example

College A vs College B

  • Round 1: A Player 1 v B Player 3, A Player 2 v B Player 1 & A Player 3 v B Player 2
  • Round 2: A Player 1 v B Player 2, A Player 2 v B Player 3 & A Player 3 v B Player 1
  • Round 3: A Player 1 v B Player 1, A Player 2 v B Player 2 & A Player 3 v B Player 3

Separate tournaments will run for Xbox and PS4 players concurrently using the same format.

Matches can be rescheduled by mutual agreement, but must be completed by the end of play of the Friday of the original match date. In the event of reschedules not being agreed, the default match time of Wednesday 3pm will stand. Reschedules must be formally arranged via match page on the tournament website.